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Meet Kathy & Galen



Kathy Lahlou, on a team with over two decades of experience in the mortgage industry and ready to serve you!  Experienced in all facets of lending, my passion and dedication to reverse mortgages is unequivocal. I see firsthand how reverse mortgages have helped people with home equity to leverage their financial situation. I want to help eliminate the mistake of ‘guestimating’ expenses or rather unforeseen expenses later into retirement.


As we're all adjusting to the new norms, I am dedicated to bringing you the new and updated tools to help you take a long-term approach to your retirement portfolio.


I believe the reverse mortgage option is a critical step in determining retirement readiness.  A sound retirement plan is a catalyst to the most enjoyment in your later years.  With it comes peace of mind that will allow us to enjoy the golden years with confidence in our own homes. 


With love,